Letters to the Editor

Letter: Creating bright futures

March 4, 2013

A letter to the editor: When I think back to when I was younger, there are people who truly made school memorable and left their positive imprint on my life.  I am blessed that my son will also grow up to have those same inspiring experiences. Starting my son in kindergarten was nerve racking for me as I knew we…

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Letter: Get to the root of Scottville police issue

January 23, 2013

As the police issue arises again (in Scottville) it seems that the council should have a meaningful conversation as to what is the root problem is. It  is obvious to many people. However it is not a subject that has a happy ending. However sometimes difficult choices must be made that are in the best interests of the community. Thank You, Bill Brooks…

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Letter: Petunia Parade

November 16, 2012

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Members of the Ludington Petunia Parade committee wish to thank the many volunteers who participated in planting and maintaining our petunias during the 2012 season. Because of their commitment, the petunias were beautiful this year. We received numerous compliments from community members, as well as visitors, who appreciated the “parade of color” along our avenue, boulevards,…

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Letter: A letter of thanks to the citizens of Mason County

November 14, 2012

Editor’s note: Mason County Press will now accept Letters to the Editor. Letters must be sent in via email to masoncountypress@gmail.com. Subject should state: Letter to the Editor. Senders must include their full name, phone number and city of residence. We reserve the right not to post. We also reserve the right to authenticate the letter.  A letter of thanks…

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