Scottville’s Main Street program: A failure or success?

June 11, 2014
Islands in the west parking lot of Scottville producing long weeds.

Islands in the west parking lot of Scottville producing long weeds.

Letter to the editor. By Bill Brooks, Scottville.

As the Main Street group attempts to convince the public that it is a success, the question is why is it necessary to do so. I see it as neither a success nor a failure. I see it as a way for the government to provide jobs for architects, engineers, and aspiring city managers.

Looking at the cost of administering this program, it would be considered an abysmal failure. Looking at the spruced up store fronts it  could be considered a success. However some of these storefronts are not in use. Also the parking lot shrubbery has been removed and replaced with weeds.

It was my hope that this program would rejuvenate Scottville but I’m not overly optimistic.

To make Scottville a more desirable place to live and do business several things need to happen. First and foremost bring property taxes in line with neighboring townships and communities. Second is to create a program to make parking lots, sidewalks and streets safe, clean and attractive. Third is to remove dysfunctional, unsafe and unhealthy buildings such as the old schoolhouse, the old elevator building, the CSX building which has the roof caving in and the house on the northeast side covered with plywood.

Finally return city government to its only purpose which is maintaining safety and communal projects.

Government has no reason nor expertise in managing free enterprise projects including RV parks and store front improvements.The free enterprise system works much better without government interference.



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