In support of MCC bond proposal

October 10, 2023

In support of MCC bond proposal

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Dear Editor: 

Mason County Central Schools are presenting two important bond issues for school district voters to decide on November 7. The new proposals have taken into account community feedback. As a result, the earlier proposals have been scaled back and separated. 

The most important aspects have been retained, while some desirable but less-critical elements, such as synthetic turf for the football field and a new senior center, have been eliminated. Others, such as the proposed auditorium, have been scaled back in scope and cost.

The first proposal provides funding for improved school security district-wide—a critically important element that must be addressed. It also provides for much-needed improvements to the buildings—some of which are more than 65 years old. This bond will make necessary repairs to extend the life of existing facilities, and upgrade those buildings to create better learning environments and meet the much different educational needs of the 21st century. 

We’ve heard a lot of criticism recently about “kicking the can down the road,” instead of meeting priorities and facing needs head-on. Approving this MCC proposal means responsibly facing critical needs. Failing to do so would inevitably lead to even greater needs and costs in the future.

The second bond proposal provides funding for an auditorium. This scaled-back proposal is a sensible alternative to the converted gym that serves as the high school’s “auditorium” now.

Some question the need for a new auditorium and don’t see educational value in this facility. But a school auditorium is really a big classroom. This area abounds in talent. We’ve seen the likes of Edgar Struble, Chloe Kimes and others forge exemplary careers in performing arts. Of course, most will not seek careers in these fields. But just as sports and art are vital parts of a full, rich and diverse background for students on their way to adult fulfillment, so too are music, theater and public speaking. Plus, there is real value in having a facility for community events.

I work at the senior center in Scottville that has been part of Mason County Central Schools since it was created 50 years ago—part of the MCC philosophy to be a resource for all of the community. The original bond proposal included funding for a new senior center. I supported eliminating that aspect of the bond plan so that the most critical needs have a better chance for approval. We are happy to stay in our present facility.

I believe the school proposals on the November ballot are important and sensible long-term enhancements to Mason County Central Schools and well deserve voter support.

Bill Kerans, director

Scottville Area Senior Center

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