Former PM supervisor endorses Smith, Iteen

September 25, 2023

Former PM supervisor endorses Smith, Iteen

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Dear Editor,

My name is Jim McInnis and I would like to recommend the voters of Pere Marquette Charter Township vote for Kelly D. Smith for supervisor,  and Sarah Iteen for treasurer this November.  

I served as PM Township Supervisor after Gene Jorissen and before Paul Keson. My working career prior to that involved various forms of government, federal, county and municipal. Historically we have been privileged to have our township officers and employees dedicated to proper governess. I personally found this to be true during my service as trustee and supervisor.  These positions should be held by honest, hardworking residents who are looking out for the best interests of the township, and keeping them informed of township business. The responsibilities are numerous and varied and both of these individuals,  in my opinion,  have the background, integrity and personality to be successful. 


Jim McInnis

Pere Marquette Township


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