It’s time for MCC voters to invest in their children

April 27, 2023

It’s time for MCC voters to invest in their children

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Dear Editor,

As a parent within our community…

Our local community is saturated with extraordinary gifts and talents. From sports to farming to the culinary arts, there is a great number of individuals (here locally) with serious, raw talent. It is our children whom we should aim to invest in the most.

As parents, employees, employers, investors, teachers, nurses and the many different trades we are tied to, it is our duty and responsibility to do everything we can to help make our children’s future successful.

Ultimately, we want to build a legacy here within this community so that we are not only able to survive, but thrive, expand and be the place our children want to come back to, call home and hopefully take root with their own families.

As an active participant and servant of Mason County, I have observed an avenue of giftedness that has been in dire need of attention. In retrospect, I have witnessed a common trend…it is our children with genuine creative and artistic talent whose abilities have been over looked or placed on a project to meet, in the future.

It is critical that each and every one of us pause to give careful thought to what that might look like for future generations. Whether it be a painter, a potter, a musician or filmmaker, it is these individuals who inspire us each and every day. From music to movies, it is their talent and ability that we find ourselves drawn towards. There is not one person who would ever be able to disagree with this in their day-to-day life.

There is a genuine passion for music and art growing within the hearts of the students and children at Mason County Central High School. It is the start of a new upswing for these kids looking to expand their talents, ultimately, further their future and ultimately, our community. We have new leadership onboard that is eager and ready to help us navigate new programs in the Arts.

Personally, I have never been skilled in the arts or gifted with musical talent, but I experience joy from those who do have those gifts. 

For me, I turn on music when I wake, watch movies. It is the arts that help us thrive. Without these individuals, how different would our lives actually be?

It amazes me how much pride and enjoyment we experience as parents to see our child participate in the sports they love. However, without the basketball courts and ball fields our children would have no platform and thus have no opportunity for their talents to develop, let alone shine.Yet our performers have no stage at all. In addition, what about equipment, funding, training and travel? If our hometown witnessed our children without a ball field, what would that mean for him or her, for you and your family? 

For these reasons, I believe those who are gifted in the arts should have an equal playing field, a platform to show their talents just the same as our athletic teams have homes to shine and perform in. 

 It’s only fair to them, our community and school to have a place for all to shine.

We have shown that this bond is a security upgrade must. However, I also ask that we don’t let this auditorium addition be the reason why you vote no. In fact this reason should be a reason to vote yes. Our children deserve this. 

Vote yes on Tuesday, May 2.


Oscar Davila

Amber Township

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