Ludington resident doesn’t agree with WSCC Foundation’s need for more money

April 23, 2023

Ludington resident doesn’t agree with WSCC Foundation’s need for more money

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Dear Editor,
I really don’t think WSCC (West Shore Community College) needs any more student scholarship money.  Many of our students are able to receive, federal, state, Promise scholarships, foundation scholarships and scholarships from other entities.  What West Shore needs is more students!  According to a Google search WSCC 1,058 students (27% of students are full-time).
In Mason, Manistee, Lake and Oceana counties there are 12,612 students between age 5 and 17. The total population is 87,997. With this present population, you might add 1,051 students per year if all the students attend WSCC. At this rate will WSCC be a viable higher education institution? I think the college needs to market to non-traditional students, those who didn’t go to college or just wish to change careers might be a sustainable option. Out of the total population I subtracted and 20% for the population under 5 and older than 65. This will leave a population of 57,786. If you add 1% of these non-traditional you could add a potential 578 students. It is time to think out of the box.
But it would also be helpful if WSCC had trade programs for adults, like WSCC had in the past.  When I moved up in the ’70s, they had auto mechanics, diesel mechanics, small engine repair, and culinary arts. They could add carpentry.  I know adding auto mechanics would be expensive, but couldn’t the college partner up with some of the auto dealerships, like nursing does for clinical?  Do theory in the classrooms and lab out in the field.   West Shore use to run evening classes at the local high schools.   I would take classes from WMU on weekends at WSCC. Instead of cancelling classes because of low enrollment, WSCC should use scholarship money stash to buy up to pay for running the class.
Maybe WSCC needs a different marketing strategy.  They started a new accelerated nine week certification for nursing assistant. It is only published in the course catalogue.  I really have my doubts that many nontraditional students read this. Where would this be common knowledge?  This particular course would be great for those thinking of nursing or a career change.  Think about it.  Oakview, has a staffing shortage, why?
Below is a link where I researched the data.
Annette Quillan


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