MCC alumnus, class of ’69, encourages a yes vote on May 2

April 12, 2023

MCC alumnus, class of ’69, encourages a yes vote on May 2

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Dear Editor, 

My name is Mik Sutton, and I am a 1969 graduate of Mason County Central High School. I want to simply encourage all MCC voters to go to the polls on May 2 and support the bond issue in a wonderful way! A yes vote could help MCC students truly “go” in their academic studies and extracurricular pursuits. We truly live in an increasingly complex world, one in which knowledge and character development are so very important, vital to the attainment of successes in career and life.  

It is often said, “Success is humbly striving for excellence in life by always doing more and better than expected.” If passed, the upcoming bond issue will help provide support not only through facilities improvement, but also in the expansion of educational opportunities for students to not just go, but to also grow in in their pursuits.  

So please, as you consider the path you will take in the voting process, consider helping precious MCC Spartan students, and ultimately families and communities, find more and more success each day, now, and for years to come. 


Mik Sutton 

Class of 1969 

Amber Township 


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