Reader offers opinion on why Roe vs. Wade was overturned 

October 26, 2022

Reader offers opinion on why Roe vs. Wade was overturned 

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Dear Editor: 

Do you want the know the real reason why the conservative, evangelical political people waited 50 years, to reverse Roe vs Wade?  

1.  This was to hope that most of those medical personnel  were either dead, or senile.  The youngest of the these people somewhere about 75 years old.

2.  Only these people would remember the atrocities of illegal, back alley abortions.  Literally women were dying, killed, very sick from infections, or permanent physically harmed by these procedures.

3.  But during this time frame,  women of wealth, were admitted through the Emergency Department, taken to the Surgical Department for and  “emergency”  D&C, recovered in the the ICU and discharged about nine hours later.  They were always private pay, and entered the hospital at the slowest time of week, late Sunday afternoon. 

Using your logical thought process:


1. If you read about the “Temperance”  movement,  you know it allowed the underground alcohol business to flourish. Beside bathtub gin, illegal processing of alcohol, caused a multitude of physical problems.  Blindness was one of them, from the lead in the distilling process.

2. Do you really think this law will stop abortions?  Or, will it open the door to underground business ventures (which are probably in place.)

Having started my health care careen in late 1966, I have seen many of these  issues upfront.  Only education will stop abortions, nothing else will. Maybe getting the pro-life movement to boycott some sponsors for programing which flaunts sexual behaviors?   For those evangelicals, “God forgives,”  “Do not judge.”   Vote logically.

Thank you,

Annette Quillan


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