Ludington resident calls Barnett a ‘true born leader ready for mayor’

October 26, 2022

Ludington resident calls Barnett a ‘true born leader ready for mayor’

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Dear Editor: 

Choice … we have it and want a person who has enlisted himself as not only a pillar of the community, but someone whom has seen our community from all angles; inside and out.  On November 8, let your voice be heard and vote for Mark Barnett as our next mayor of Ludington.  He served as our chief of police for 19 years and now wants to carry his leadership skills onto a new position – one that he is very familiar with as he sat in on all of the city council meetings as the Ludington chief of police. I have known Mark Barnett for nearly 11 years and have had the utmost respect for him and his leadership.  After his retirement, I still addressed him as “Chief” Barnett each time that I passed by his home.  Mark had to work pretty diligently at encouraging me to call him “just Mark”.

Mark Barnett is a born leader – he leads with actions and being directly on top of any project that has come under his watch.  His words are always positively stated in his soft speaking voice and he has made very personal connections wherever he goes.  Mark has great passion for this community and what he sees as important will be put into action by combining and balancing movement forward, along with honoring the historical aspects of the people that have grown up here and call this their native home.   Mark knows there is a fine line and a vital balance that must be played out while supporting the growth and movement into Ludington’s future.

Mr. Barnett thrives himself on making personal contact with all people throughout our amazing community.  He reads his audience well and presents based on his surroundings and findings. He is very aware of actions that might be advised to take place as he is a direct representative of this community; his presence is very evident even after his retirement from the Ludington City Police Department.  His pride for all that he does is substantiated with his actions and follow through.

Barnett is a straight shooter; he is willing to have the hard discussions when the need is present.  The pride that he took in his own projects while serving as the Ludington police chief – movie night, downtown development, skate park was ever present in his time as the chief of police.  He didn’t just start programs up, he followed along and made sure that his projects were always taken in by the community.  He hears from all community members that will sit down and chat with him, whether they are life long residents or people that have chosen to move into our community because of the development and progressive manner in which they’ve come about.

You know what you’re getting with Mark Barnett … he has worked with many different and diverse groups of people all throughout his 19 years in Ludington.  He was very present in all of his actions and would still be that way as mayor.  Mark is man of integrity and will make all people accountable for their actions as well as completion of projects and dedication to the community.

Barnett’s strong commitment to continuing to move our community forward over the next four years and beyond will be very evident in his every day actions.  He is a man of his word and a man set on purpose.  His expertise in all avenues of government in Ludington along with his love of our community make him the best candidate for our next Ludington mayor.  We do have a choice on November 8 and if you let that choice be Mark Barnett for mayor, no one in our community will be disappointed.


Mike Cranick


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