A recommendation for Lew Squires, county commission 

October 26, 2022

A recommendation for Lew Squires, county commission 

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Dear Editor:

On November 8, 2022, citizens of Mason County will have the opportunity to express their desires on how the direction of the country, state, and county will be represented. This is an important day, as you decide on who will represent you in all the above areas of interest and value to you. 

Locally, we have been fortunate to have Dr. Lew Squires represent the residents of District 4 (Amber Township, northern Pere Marquette Township) on the county board of commissioners. He is running for re-election to the county board, and we highly encourage the citizens of District 4 to retain Mr. Squires on our county board of commissioners.

The mission of the Mason County government is to provide essential and mandated services which will preserve and benefit the health, safety, and welfare of the general public in a professional and courteous manner through the effective and equitable management of available public resources.  We endorse Dr. Squires for a variety of reasons:  His experience on the board, and his decades of public service to mason county through the various committees, boards, and projects he has been engaged. But most importantly we encourage your vote due to what we feel are the characteristics that are important to those in elected positions. Dr. Squires clearly, over the years of public service to Mason County, reflects the six (6) characteristics of a leader, and leadership is what creates positive outcomes. He possesses common sense, his critical thinking to topics that impact the residents of Mason County has been demonstrated. He has the ability to communicate his ideas to those he serves and those with which he must work. In addition, Lew has demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively, seek compromise when necessary, and gain a consensus of direction that must be taken to realize the MISSION Statement above to serve the residents of District 4, and all of Mason County.

Mason County is fortunate to have individuals represent us in the challenges that daily face the residents of this wonderful county. Dr. Lew Squires is a man of integrity and character. He has demonstrated his leadership qualities referenced above, and is a fiscally responsible county commissioner. Vote to re-elect Lew Squires, on November 8, 2022. Please exercise this right to select your leaders for our future.

Vic and Kelly Burwell

Hamlin Township

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