Reader urges voters to research Proposal 3

October 24, 2022

Reader urges voters to research Proposal 3

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Dear Editor: 

No matter what your opinion of Proposal 3 may be, please take the time to read the proposal and research the claims being offered by those in opposition.  These claims which have been widely

 publicized have been examined by Bridge Michigan, a non-profit nonpartisan news source.  They enlist law professors to comment.  Please at least read (here).

Scare tactics and instilling fear are tools of propaganda and those that use them may grossly exaggerate or misrepresent language to support their beliefs. The statements about the proposal

 from certain groups/organizations give their reasonings why you should not support the Proposal.  These statements are offered with no substantial facts to support them and are basically opinions meant to instill fear.  In my opinion, when too many reasons

 (which quite frankly leave me baffled as to the logic) are excuses to give credence to their underlying goal – their own personal beliefs and opinions. We are given the opportunity to vote but make that vote an informed one.  

Taking away the rights of women to have control over their own health issues can be the beginning of a very slippery slope.

Jean Taylor


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