Reader supports Proposal 3

October 24, 2022

Reader supports Proposal 3

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Dear Editor: 

Abortion is a pivotal issue in the upcoming mid-term election. As president of the non-profit organization, Northwest Michigan for Reproductive Freedom, it is my belief that  Proposal 3 is neither confusing nor is it extreme. It’s a straightforward proposal which supports the autonomy of women, transgender men, and non-binary individuals. It will allow individuals to choose what is right for themselves and their families and restore the rights that were lost with the elimination of Roe v Wade. If passed, Proposal 3 will  establish that every Michigander has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom under the Michigan Constitution. The proposal, which was introduced by Reproductive Freedom For All,  will codify reproductive rights which  include the right to make and carry out decisions about all matters related to pregnancy, including birth control, abortion, prenatal care and childbirth, without government interference.

Opponents to Proposal 3 are deliberately spreading blatant misinformation about the Proposal itself and the supposed chaos they feel will ensue it is passes. Following are actions that will definitely not occur if Proposal 3 passes:

• Abortions will  not be performed on minors without parental consent unless a court order is in place eliminating parental rights. The laws in place that require parents or guardians to be involved with a minor’s medical care will not change.

• Opponents of abortion use the term “partial birth abortion” to refer to the procedure Dilation and Evacuation. Passage of Proposal 3 will not  eliminate  the state’s partial-birth abortion ban. The federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act — passed in 2003 and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007 — prohibits dilation and evacuation unless the life of the patient is in danger.

• Passage of Proposal 3 will not allow “anyone to perform an abortion- even those without a medical license.” Again, abortion is a medical procedure, and as such, Standards of Care will remain in place. Only medical doctors will be legally able to provide abortion services.

• Abortion providers  will not “be shielded from consequences for injuring or killing women.” Abortion providers will continue to have the same legal and medical responsibilities to their patients as they currently have.

• Health and safety  regulations will be not be nullified if Proposal 3 passes. Those regulations will continue to be  required at abortion clinics just as they are at any medical facility.

• Children will not undergo “sterilizing transgender procedures” without the consent of parents  or guardians. That is unequivocally false.

• It is not true that Proposal 3 will allow abortion at any time in pregnancy for any reason.    Because passage of the Proposal will codify the right of individuals to make the choice that is best for themselves  and their family, it’s important to have some background on abortion practices under Roe.  Later term abortions  and what is known as “partial birth abortions” are very rare. As reported by the online, politically neutral magazine Bridge, “almost 93 percent of the 629,898 abortions nationwide in 2019 were performed (at) no more than 13 weeks’ gestation.”

Additionally, in the Bridge article, it is stated that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that “a little over 6 percent of abortions  were performed between 14 and 20 weeks of gestation and less than 1 percent were performed beyond 21 weeks.” Abortions performed at 20 weeks or after were done because of a threat to the mother’s life should  the pregnancy continue or because medical testing revealed that the fetus had severe and life-threatening  developmental anomalies.  Whether or not to continue a pregnancy under these circumstances should be left to the people involved and not dictated by repressive laws.

In conclusion, Proposal 3 will restore the rights of Michiganders to make their own private decisions about pregnancy and abortion. Women and other individuals should  have the choice to make their own decisions regarding what is right for themselves and their families. Please vote Yes on Proposal 3 restoring the rights that we have had for over 50 years.

Diann Neil Engblade

Ludington MI 49432

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