Reader supports Barnett for Ludington mayor

October 24, 2022

Reader supports Barnett for Ludington mayor

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Dear Editor: 

As Ludington moves forward, I believe it’s important to elect a mayor who has a vision for the city, the leadership skills to execute that vision while maintaining a collaborative effort, and the temperament to deflect the inevitable flaming arrows that go with the territory. I think that former Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett would be the right choice for this position.

Knowing Mark both personally and professionally, I find him to be a natural leader with a big helping of common sense and integrity. His statement: “There needs to be a common thread running through all of our decisions, and that is: How can we make Ludington the best it can be?” resonates with me.  He has a heart for this city and years of experience serving this city. I’d like to see him continue that service as mayor. 

Edgar Struble



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