Reader urges no vote on Proposal 3

October 19, 2022

Reader urges no vote on Proposal 3

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Dear Editor: Dear Editor:  

I write this letter to the editor because the subject matter is critical to my fundamental belief that someone must “speak” for the unborn, as these children have no voice but mine and yours. If we do not speak up for them, who will? It is indisputable that life begins at conception. Proposal 3, if approved on Nov. 8, 2022, will powerfully impact how the life of the unborn is regarded, and how other aspects of family and personal life will be impacted.

Proposal 3 is an amendment to insert 323 words to our State of Michigan Constitution. It was crafted by a coalition of pro-abortion groups lead by Planned Parenthood, and The American Civil Liberties Union. This absurd, wordy amendment seeks to allow unregulated abortion through the moment of birth into the Michigan Constitution. If this vaguely written amendment were to pass, according to Rebecca Mastee, attorney/political analyst, Michigan Catholic Conference, “it would literally turn Michigan into the Abortion Capital of the United States.” 

And, as all should realize when it comes to a constitution, words matter. And specifically, regarding Proposal 3 words really do matter. When reading this proposal, it never utilizes the word “adult,” to describe who would be impacted. According to Ms. Mastee, It confers an explicit, fundamental right to every “individual,” without any age limit. If you engage with professional reviews, 

This proposal would invalidate laws that would conflict with this amendment. There is an incredibly good chance that parental consent would likely no longer be required for teenagers seeking an abortion. Many other laws would also be in jeopardy, including a current state law that requires abortion clinics to be licensed and inspected, to protect a woman’s health and safety. 

Late term abortions would be allowed because the proposed amendment includes a very vague mental health exception. In addition, the language that would allow anyone to aid and assist in an abortion negates the current requirement that only physicians may perform abortions. Disturbingly, Proposal 3 prevents authorities from taking adverse action against someone that harms or even kills a woman during an abortion if she voluntarily consented to the abortion. 

This vaguely written proposal allows abortionist and their supporting groups almost any interpretation to determine what is right and legal. Again, it is evident words matter. This radical proposal, according to available materials on this matter, even confers a constitutional right to sterilization for every individual. Invoking this constitutional right, if Proposal 3 passes, could allow a gender confused teen to obtain sterilization without parental consent or even knowledge.

I urge you to read the proposed constitutional amendment for yourself. I urge you to read other published literature on this proposed amendment, you will then understand that opponents of this radical proposed amendment are realizing that it goes well beyond what Roe v. Wade ever permitted. It is of paramount importance for the fundamental sanctity and right-to-life of all individuals, from conception forward, to oppose Proposal 3 amendment to the constitution of the State of Michigan. To protect women, children, and families, vote no on Proposal 3, on November 8.

Vic Burwell, Founding President, Mason County Right to Life

Hamlin Township

Area Churches