Scottville reader urges no vote on Proposal 3

October 15, 2022

Scottville reader urges no vote on Proposal 3

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Dear Editor:

Michigan voters are being asked to allow unregulated, unrestricted abortion throughout all of pregnancy locked into our state constitution. Voters, please reject this extreme measure and instead allow our state to build a culture that values all human life.

Just months after the U.S.Supreme Court ruled there is no federal constitutional right to abortion, abortion supporters are pushing to make abortion a right in Michigan’s Constitution under the guise of promoting “reproductive freedom.”

Proposal 3 would allow:

  • Abortions can be perform on minors without parent’s consent.
  • Abortion at any time in pregnancy for any reason.
  • Children to undergo sterilizing transgender procedures without their parents consent.
  • Elimination of the state’s partial-birth abortion ban and late-term abortion ban.
  • Anyone to perform an abortion- even those without a medical license.
  • Abortion providers to be shielded from consequence’s for injuring or killing women.
  • Elimination of all current health and safety regulations on abortion clinics.

Please educate yourself on this Proposal  3 and vote no on November 8.

Barb Burwell


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