Reader thanks governor for road repairs

October 15, 2022

Reader thanks governor for road repairs

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Dear Editor:

A week or so ago we took a drive to the Upper Peninsula for a long-awaited color tour and sibling get-together.  It was a wonderful drive, circling the U.P. from east to west, north and south.  The fall colors were almost overwhelming, impressive to say the least.

But the fall color wasn’t the only impressive thing we experienced: so were the roads.  Starting on M-37, over to I-75 and up to Tahquamenon Falls, it was all great color and all great roads.  Some roads were recently re-paved, many were nearing completion and still lined with orange traffic cones, but they were consistently smooth and in tremendous condition.

From Grand Marais to Copper Harbor, west to Ironwood and then back through Escanaba to St. Ignace, we thanked Mother Nature for the spectacular colors… and we thanked Governor Gretchen Whitmer for the fabulous roads.

As promised, she is “fixing the damn roads.”  I will remember that on November 8th.

David Masten


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