Hamlin Twp. couple offers support for Barnett in Ludington mayor race

October 12, 2022

Hamlin Twp. couple offers support for Barnett in Ludington mayor race

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Dear Editor:

November 8, 2022 is an especially important day locally, statewide, and nationally. It is the day in which we cast our votes for those that we feel can have positive and effective influence serving residents in the areas in which they are running to serve.

While, due to our residency location, we cannot vote our support for Mr. Mark Barnett for mayor of the City of Ludington. We write this letter to the editor to encourage the residents of the City of Ludington to support and vote for Mark as your next mayor. We have known Mark for years.  As a business executive for years in the city I (Vic) have witnessed his leadership in providing protection and security for the residents and business owners of Ludington, as the chief of police.  We have also observed him in less work-related environments as a participating member of many various committees, and organizations where he has been involved and our engagement has occurred.

Mr. Barnett has 19 years of service to Ludington as Chief of Police, plus another two decades of public service in various communities in Michigan. Mark is an experienced leader, a professional, and a man of character who is apparent and present in every aspect of his family, work, social, and spiritual life. He is a natural leader as demonstrated in his past work; and his current work as chairperson of the Ludington Charter Commission, which is drafting the new Ludington Charter which will be voted on in the future. The characteristics that demonstrate Mr. Barnett’s leadership are:  He is a critical thinker, a person that has common sense, he can engage in a collaborative manner, and gain consensus. In addition to these critical aspects of leadership, he also is an effective communicator to those he engages. These five Cs of being a successful leader are of paramount importance in being a municipal leader, and in this reference, the Ludington mayor.

Another characteristic of leadership is being an effective listener. Mark is an effective listener. The City of Ludington is a jewel in the state of Michigan, it is a place that has major areas of importance, such as:  The residents, the local community (retail, business, health, education) , the area manufacturers, and our  tourists that visit annually. This constituency, will require someone that can listen, engage, encourage, and establishing an involved community relationship that has one focus:  “Working together to be the best we can be.”

To help Ludington be “…the best we can be,” it will need a mayor that can provide the leadership for this effort over the next four years. Mr. Mark Barnett is that individual. It is most important to vote on November 8.  We encourage you to vote Mark Barnett for Mayor, City of Ludington.

Vic and Kelly Burwell

Hamlin Township