Disagrees with reader about direction of USA

October 9, 2022

Disagrees with reader about direction of USA

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Editor’s note: This letter is being posted verbatim as sent to us. 

Dear Editor:

Upon reading the recent letter to the editor published by the Press, I felt I had to respond. The writer supposed that America was on the wrong track because we’ve “gone woke” and then unleashed a long litany of cultural grievances.

My counter argument is simple, all of these issues are made up nonsense to distract you from our real problems. Openly fascist candidates are up for election nationwide, covid still exists and kills thousands of Americans per month, oh, and that mighty non woke, masculine, Russian military is about to start ww3 because they’ve been obliterated by a liberal comedian’s forces.
So why do people, usually older people who cannot even define woke or discuss trans issues with any knowledge, believe these are the most important issues? Because they’ve been lied to by right wing media for years.
They blame America rather than Putin for the problems in Europe. They blame Biden rather than Trump for passing massive stimulus causing inflation. (even Republican Senator Tom Cotton recently agreed this was the root cause) They’ll say our military is weak and woke now, while ignoring that we’d outperform Russia with both arms tied behind our backs. You begin to wonder if these people hate America.
Turn off your TV, stop reading Facebook, and deal with reality, or we will keep demonizing you, not because you’re evil, but because you’re ignorant fools. The modern day fascist equivalent of the communist “useful idiots” of the Cold War. I know that you love our country, it’s time to start acting like it.
Zack Watts
Pere Marquette Charter Township

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