A thank you to Mason County Mutts.

January 24, 2022

A thank you to Mason County Mutts.

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Dear Editor,

I just wanted to give a shout out to Mason County Mutts!

We have adopted two special kittens from them.

By special, I not only mean they are special to us, but they were somewhat special needs.

Baby Blu was so tiny she fit in the palm of your hand. She was found abandoned at only perhaps 3-weeks-old. She needed to be bottle fed for weeks. As adorable as she was, she was a bit hard to place because of the commitment required to nurse her back to emotional health after MCM had saved her tiny life.

She was so sick when they found her. She was hospitalized a couple of times. She was just couple of pounds when we brought her home. She couldn’t have all her shots or be spayed yet because she wasn’t strong enough.

Frankie Bean was brought to (Mason County) Animal Control with a shattered leg, at just maybe 6 weeks.  Sara happened to be there when she was brought in, and knew that they had to try to help her. After conferring with Theresa and Melissa, they agreed. 

The leg had to be amputated, and there was some concerning blood work relating to the immune system.

MCM and Country Veterinarian Clinic (also a huge shout out to them!) worked together to attend to her needs and save her life. It required that her shattered back leg be amputated at the hip. 

Both of these sweet babies would have died if it weren’t for these amazing women. We now have two more very cherished members of our family.

I have worked primarily with Sara, and I have to say, she is absolutely the most committed person I’ve ever met when it comes to speaking for those without voices, and giving every abandoned animal the very best home. 

The MCM adoption form intimidated me at first. It’s very thorough! Every applicant is vetted, and a home visit is performed. The adoption contract includes a promise to keep MCM updated on the well-being of the animals. If the animal has not yet had shots and is not spayed/neutered yet, (which MCM prefers to handle before the animal leaves their care) the contract includes a clause requiring the new home to attend to those needs. MCM will pay for those to be done. I am very grateful that they take such care to make sure the animals find their perfect forever home.

I love how closely they work with people to make sure pets are safe and well-cared for! They love each and every animal that comes to them, and do the very best for them. I really feel that they are a special team. We are blessed to have them in our community.

Please support them, fund them, foster for them, adopt from them. They go above and beyond to make sure pets are adopted into loving and responsible homes.

Kim Wildner


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