Judge Wadel endorses Jackson as replacement.

September 28, 2020

Letter to Editor: Judge Wadel endorses Jackson as replacement.

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Dear Editor.

I am retiring at the end of this year because of the state constitutional age limit barring judges from running after turning 70 years of age.  It has been a pleasure to serve as District Judge for Mason and Lake counties for the past 17-plus years.

There are two candidates running to be the next judge of the 79th District Court: Glenn Jackson and John Middlebrook.  Both are well qualified to sit as District Court Judge.

Glenn Jackson is currently the 79th District Court Administrator and Magistrate.  He is more knowledgeable about the court operations: budgeting, reporting, scheduling, audits, and management of staff than John Middlebrook.  He is also very tech savvy and the courts are rapidly adopting technology changes that need the technology skills that he possesses but Mr. Middlebrook does not.  

Glenn Jackson is the most qualified candidate for the 79th District Court and he has my support for election as the next district court judge.


Peter J. Wadel

Judge – 79th District Court

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