Local law enforcement officers recognized for saving lives.

September 3, 2020

Local law enforcement officers recognized for saving lives.

The Michigan Sheriffs’ Association’s (MSA) Awards Board recently recognized the heroic, lifesaving efforts, of several Mason County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputies, a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper, and a DNR-law enforcement conservation officer.  The recognition stems from two separate incidents in Mason County.  

The following is a brief synopsis of both events:

Sgt. Tom Brown

During the early morning hours of March 10, 2020, 2:47 a.m., MCSO Sgt. Tom Brown, deputies Levi Wolthuis and Adam Claveau, along with MSP Trooper Matt Demny responded to a 911 call in Amber Township where a female was heard saying “Send officers, the side door will be open.”  She then disconnected the call. 

Trooper Matt Demny

While trooper Demny checked the exterior of the home, Brown, Wolthuis, and Claveau found the side door unlocked.  The deputies announced serval times their presence and then entered the home.  Trooper Demny, from outside the home, spotted a female through a window lying on a bed, with a handgun next to her.  She had sustained gunshot wound to the chest.  Trooper Demny reassured her help was coming and to not touch the gun. The three MCSO deputies forced their way into the bedroom and secured the pistol.  The four officers then provided life saving measures while securing the rest of the house until LIFE EMS arrived.  Pere Marquette Township Fire Department medical first responders also assisted.

Dep. Levi Wolthuis

Dep. Adam Claveau

It was determined the female had attempted to end her own life by firing one round into her chest which exited out her back, narrowly missing her heart.  She was transported to a downstate hospital for advanced care and then to a rehabilitation center for long-term care. She has since recovered.

In recognizing the four officers, the MSA Awards Board labeled their efforts “heroic” for their actions that day.

On April 23, 2020 shortly after noon, MCSO Sgt. Adam Lamb overheard radio traffic reporting an overturned kayak in the Ludington harbor with a man struggling in the water. Lamb, knowing the operation and location of a DNR boat in the marina, radioed Conservation Office Kyle Publiski for assistance, asking him to meet at the DNR boat.  While Publiski responded to the boat, Lamb prepped the boat for sail and both responded to the area.

Sgt. Adam Lamb

CO Kyle Publinski

The air temperature was 43 degrees and the water was 37 degrees as both headed out into the Ludington harbor.  The kayak had sunk but both officers spotted a male, who was no longer struggling in the water (due to fatigue) with only his head above the surface.  As Publiski navigated the patrol boat safely towards the victim, his head went underwater.  Lamb reached over the side of the boat and was able to grab the victim by his clothing.  The victim, a 28 year-old Coopersville man, was unable to help the officers due to hypothermia and fatigue, but Lamb and Publiski were able to pull him into the boat. Read original MCP story here.

Lamb treated the man for hypothermia on the patrol boat while being transported to an awaiting LIFE EMS ambulance.  He was treated at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, where he made a full recovery. Ludington Police Department and Ludington Fire Department also assisted in the emergency.

The MSA Awards Board called the actions of DNR-Law Enforcement Officer Kyle Publiski and MCSO Sergeant Lamb “heroic” in recognizing both for their actions that day.   

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