Letter to the Editor: Ludington mayor supports governor’s initiatives.

June 24, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Ludington mayor supports governor’s initiatives.

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By Steve Miller, Ludington mayor

Dear Editor: 

Last November, the state’s voters responded to Governor Whitmer’s call to “fix the damn roads” and demanded action to resolve the 40 year history of substandard road conditions and deteriorating infrastructure.

Throughout the state, the declining condition of our roads has hampered business growth, cost motorists millions in auto repairs and insurance claims, and worked against efforts to promote Michigan as a popular tourist destination.

Governor Whitmer has recognized and accepted the difficult challenges left behind by previous administrationsShe has proposed new and creative solutions to address some of the state’s largest problems. 

Similarly, in Ludington, we have our own long-term issues that need solutions.   We need to revitalize our downtown, provide more affordable housing solutions, and create more activities to increase resident engagement throughout the year.

Whether its Governor Whitmer’s priorities for the state or resolving the issues we’re facing in our community, it’s clear the same old policies and actions that got us into this situation won’t get us out of it.  To achieve the great possibilities of our future, new investments of time, money and effort are essential.

As the city and state look to the future, we are presented with two paths forward: we can prioritize education, fiscal accountability, and investing in infrastructure now, or continue to decline.

Inaction is simply not an option.  For the state, it is critical we act now and put solutions in place before disaster strikes.  Citywide, we need to collaborate and implement a wide-ranging action plan to effectively increase business opportunities and population.

The greatest accomplishments require the greatest efforts.  The Governor’s goal to have 90% of state roads in good/fair condition and provide additional resources for local roads by 2030 is no different.      

I fully support Gov. Whitmer’s initiatives to provide a greater tomorrow.  “fix the damn roads”, ensure all Michiganders have clean drinking water and boosting funding for public education.  And I sincerely hope you will, too.  

I challenge every citizen to envision a greater future, to be a selfless leader, to make the necessary sacrifices, and to commit to building a greater tomorrow for our city and our state.  


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