In support of Starving Artist Brewing Co’s quest for re-zoning.

May 2, 2019

Letter to the Editor: In support of Starving Artist Brewing Co’s quest for re-zoning.

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Dear Editor:

The Momentum Business Plan CompetitionBoard of Directors pledges its full support of Starving Artist Brewing Co. as it seeks rezoning as a microbrewery agribusiness so it can expand, and it urges the Mason County Planning Commission to approve a special land use at its May 7 meeting so that Starving Artist can proceed with its expansion plans.

As the first winner of the Momentum Business Plan Competition in 2015, Andy Thomas of Starving Artist Brewing embodies exactly the type of business owner we want to attract in Mason County. Small businesses are the backbone of Mason County – and as a community, we should do everything we can to create a positive, business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurs like Andy not only to choose Mason County, but also expand as their business grows.  That means having flexibility with our zoning regulations and land use, looking for creative solutions, and collaborating with small business owners to help them navigate a path for growth.

Starving Artist Brewing is a vital and important business to our community, and we believe a creative solution can be found that meets everyone’s needs. We encourage the Mason County Planning Commission to use its authority to grant a special land use that would allow Andy to move forward with expanding his business to include a tasting room as soon as possible so he can take advantage of the full summer tourism season that is vital to all of our businesses in the region.

With the fifth annual Momentum Business Plan Competition around the corner, we want to send a clear message that Mason County is the perfect place to start and grow your business. That can happen if we all work together – businesses, local government and neighbors – to create and foster a business-friendly environment.

Momentum Business Plan Competition Board of Directors

John Wilson (Chair) – CEO, Western Land Services

Ray Biggs – President and CEO, West Shore Bank

Kathy Maclean – Owner, Spindrift Cyclesports

Tom Paine – President, Metalworks

Jim Scatena, Management Consultant 

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Editor’s note: The Mason County Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 in the conference room of the Mason County Airport, 5300 W. US 10, Pere Marquette Township.

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