Optometrist sees benefit of Ludington school bond.

April 30, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Optometrist sees benefit of Ludington school bond.

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Dear Editor,

My husband and I would like to voice our support for the school mileage and say yes for LAS! Our two adult children attended Ludington schools and my husband has been a public school teacher for 38 years. Even though our family does not have children who will benefit from the improvements, we know our community as a whole will grow and improve with the passage of this bond proposal.

Most residents will pay less than 50 cents a day to finance this project. For that small investment we will be providing a state of the art elementary facility that will give our youngest and most vulnerable citizens a great start. It will create a building where 21st century learning is available to every child in the most cost effective way. Housing all elementary students in one building will reduce the cost of overlapping services which will result in making more programming available to meet the unique learning needs of every student. In addition, we will have a safe environment for children to arrive and depart as well as while they spend their day in the classroom. You can read how our existing buildings do not meet current safety standards on www.lasd.net.

For less than the cost of a donut in the morning or a bottle of soda we send the message to future employers and business developers that we are ready to invest in this community in ways other than tourism. We let medical and other professionals considering setting up an office here know that we care about the education and well being of our young children. We send the message to young adults who attended school in Ludington then left to further grow and mature that we want them to come back to a community that has grown with them. We welcome them and their families back home with modern improved schools that have adapted and changed just like they did.

Most importantly, for less than the cost of an ice cream cone, we have the chance to show the young people in this community that we care enough about them to invest in their future. We show them that we value their education and well being. They see that we want them to spend 35 hours a week in the most comfortable place possible with the most modern day resources available. When the adults in a community value education and make great efforts and sacrifices to create the best learning environment it speaks volumes to a child and motivates them to work hard and do their best work. School is a child’s place of employment. Not one of us is highly motivated to do our best work when we start our day by just trying to make it safely to the office! Once you are in the door think about spending the day trying to stay warm or not roast depending on the weather. Imagine having to find somewhere to use the tools you need to do your job because the outlets are few and far between. Or, worse yet, not even having access to modern tools and having to share resources but still being expected to do your job efficiently.

In closing I would like to mention that I have read and heard a lot of misinformation regarding this millage. Please take the time to read and learn the facts for yourself at www.lasd.net. You can view the strategic plan, read minutes from many meetings and information sessions, see the facilities studies, read about the issues plaguing our current buildings and finally see the proposed plan. In addition there is an estimated mileage impact calculator. This plan has been in the making for over 4 years. There has been much thought and consideration about the best solution and it is time to give our kids and the amazing faculty and staff that work with them every day a great facility in which to learn and grow. These children are our future and we are responsible for making sure they get the absolute best start we can possibly give them.

Say Yes for LAS.

Dr. Jennifer Branning 

Area Churches