Retired teacher, alumnus express support for Ludington school bond.

April 18, 2019

Retired teacher, alumnus express support for Ludington school bond.

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Dear Editor:

We wish to express our support for the upcoming Ludington Area Schools bond proposal on May 7, 2019.

During the past year and a half, approximately 100 locals including community leaders, teachers, consultants, parents, and administrators visited other school districts throughout the state to get other viewpoints of what is needed to create the best education for our children.

The LASD bond proposal is the result of their work.

The bond proposal provides for a new K-5 elementary complex.  Teachers, staff and administrators will truly be able to work together under one roof.  Providing a new up-to-date facility will enhance the foundational opportunities of development, and prepare our young students for the lifelong learning demands of their future.

The LASD secondary complex will also be updated to 21st century learning.  Classroom wings will be added, the infrastructure and technology will be modernized, there will be more parking, and changes to student drop off areas. These two updated facilities will be energy efficient and ADA accessible, and the highest standards of safety and security will be implemented.

In addition, there will be improvements to performing arts and athletic facilities, as well as vocational and skilled trades teaching spaces.

We wish to thank the administration, the board, and the community members who worked so diligently on this proposal.  We truly see the need for these improvements and hope that you will join us in voting yes on May 7.

Remember, “The children are our future”


Mary Margaret Wilson Klemm, retired LASD teacher

Don Klemm 1970 LHS graduate

Pere Marquette Township.

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