Letter to the Editor: Getting the facts right about LASD bond proposal. 

April 11, 2019
Letter to the Editor: Getting the facts right about LASD bond proposal. 
By Dr. Rick Plummer, Ludington.
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Dear Editor:
In a recent letter to the editor, the author suggested that the Ludington Area School District was being shady in both the overall design and placement of its ballot measure question to the voters, writing that they are “…going about this in the wrong way and trying to rush something in hopes that it will pass with little fanfare. Having the millage on the May 7 ballot, which has historically low turnout rates, is just one example of their push to get this through.”
These charges are simply not accurate.The LASD strategic planning process has been in the public eye, and discussed in open LASD board meeting discussions since 2015 when the current five year strategic plan was developed.
Many community forums and surveys were used to lay the foundation for the May 7, 2019 bond proposal. And certainly, if it were the intention of the LAS district administration and board of education to minimize the awareness of this millage proposal, the recent informational flier would not have been distributed to LAS district residents. Clearly LASD believes that an accurately informed public is critical for our community. Moreover, many announcements have been publicized, and open informational forums have already been scheduled, to educate the residents of the LAS district on the important issues this bond proposal addresses. Also, there are two additional open forums regarding the proposed bond millage scheduled for April 18, 2019, and May 1, 2019, at Peterson Auditorium at 6 p.m.. The residents of the LAS district are encouraged to attend and become as informed as possible.
I offer another fact regarding bond elections — according to the Michigan Department of Treasury’s website, in May of 2019, a total of 27 state qualified school bond proposals, totaling $1,293,225,000, will appear on the ballot for voters to consider throughout the State of Michigan. May elections are not unusual or rare. They are customary.

There has been discussion about the Cadillac Area Schools and its recently passed $65,000,00 bond issue. For that school district, a bond millage rate of 3.9 mills for 30 years was required to raise the funds necessary for its project. LAS residents will experience a very modest millage request of 1.71 mills for the $100,935,000.00 proposal. Cadillac will have an overall millage rate of 6.-plus mills, while we, at the maximum once our current 1.64 mills is added to the proposed millage for the project, will be at 3.35 mills.

Our children deserve the educational facilities and equipment that will give them every opportunity for academic and career success in a safe and secure environment. Good schools build sound and vibrant communities, and our schools play a major role in attracting and retaining businesses and residents alike.

Please support this prudent and visionary plan for the preparation of our children in their and our future.

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