Crashes keep police busy Wednesday.

January 19, 2017

servpro_springstead_022616Crashes keep police busy Wednesday.

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The following is recent police activity Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017:

– 1:48 a.m., (Ludington Police Department), noise complaint, 400 block of Sherman Oaks Drive, City of Ludington.

– 7:20 a.m., (Mason County Sheriff’s Office), car/deer crash, no injuries, Custer and Conrad roads, Custer Township.

– 9:55 a.m., (LPD), mental subject, 400 block of West Ludington Avenue, City of Ludington.

– 12:58 p.m., (LPD), property damage crash, North Emily and East Haight streets, City of Ludington.

– 1:06 p.m., (MCSO), two-vehicle crash with minor injuries, northbound US 31 at the 164 mile marker, Summit Township. The driver of a northbound vehicle ran off the right side of the highway and struck a parked vehicle. No one was in or around the parked vehicle, and the driver of the moving vehicle was treated for minor injuries at Spectrum Health in Ludington.

– 2:18 p.m., (MCSO), three-vehicle crash, no injuries, US 10 and Meyers Road, Pere Marquette Township.

– 3:42 p.m., (LPD), property damage crash, 800 block of New William Street, City of Ludington.

– 5:05 p.m., (LPD), personal protection order violation, City of Ludington.

– 5:07 p.m., (LPD), wellbeing check, 700 block of Sherman Oaks Drive, City of Ludington.

– 10:45 p.m., (MCSO), car/deer crash, no injuries, US 31 freeway and Meisenheimer Road, Summit Township.

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