Badger’s exemption permit expires today, company says it can still sail

December 19, 2012


Lake Michigan Carferry’s permit to discharge coal ash into Lake Michigan ends today. But, the company has stated that it plans to operate the 60-year-old SS Badger next year.
In May LMC applied for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System individual permit. The permit was accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency in August. The permit would allow the Badger to continue to operate until the company seeks an alternative method of removing the coal ash or an alternative fuel source.
“The Badger will be running in 2013,” a statement from Terry Brown, LMC’s director of marketing and media relations, said. “We continue to work with EPA so that it can issue the draft permit as soon as possible. Under EPA regulations, and the current VGP (vessel general permit), even if the permit is not issued before next season, the current permit is automatically extended until a final decision on a draft permit is made.”
Last week, Pat McCarthy, LCM’s vice president of shore operations, spoke to the Ludington Rotary Club. During that presentation McCarthy said the company was confident it would be sailing in 2013 and that the company continues to invest into improvements to the historic ship.
McCarthy said that a period of public comment is approaching, which is an opportunity for opponents and proponents to voice their concerns.

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