MCC high school teachers upset about shorter lunch

October 19, 2012

SCOTTVILLE — The Mason County Central Board of Education will hear about a union grievance when it meets Monday at 7 p.m. at the central business office.

The grievance comes from the Mason County Central Education Association.

“A grievance is merely an opportunity to get clarification on the application or differing interpretation of contractual language,” Superintendent Jeff Mount wrote to the board in its pre-meeting notes. “In this case, it is the interpretation of what exactly a ’30 minute duty free lunch’ means and how it has been inconsistently applied across the district’s buildings and staff.

“In the past, the high school staff has been afforded 30 minutes for lunch plus a five minute passing time, while in the middle school, upper elementary and Scottville elementary they have a 30 minute lunch without a passing time. The grievance from the MCCEA high school staff was generated when class time schedules at the high school were adjusted to provide an additional five minutes to the third block class time by eliminating the five minute passing time. Or, in simpler terms, going from 35 minutes of lunch time at the high school to 30 minutes.

“Prior to the move by building administration, the third block class time was short changed due to the Tech-Prep and dual enrollment (college) students transitioning to and from West Shore Community College during that block.

Union president Jim Stuart, a high school teacher, will present the level three grievance to the board of education.

More information on Monday’s meeting, including the agenda, can be downloaded here:

MCC 10-22-12


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