Employment Opportunity: Fire Authority Administrator.

Employment Opportunity: Administrator. Mason County Rural Fire Authority

The Mason County Rural Fire Authority (Authority) is accepting applications for the position of Administrator.

The Authority is comprised of seven (7) departments within sixteen (16) Municipalities in Mason County.  The seven departments are in the Townships of Riverton, Branch, and Grant, the Villages of Fountain, Custer and Free Soil, and the City of Scottville and provide fire coverage for all of Mason County with the exception of the City of Ludington, Hamlin and Pere Marquette Townships which are covered by the Mason County Western District.  We will be accepting resumes via the US Postal Service or email to: 

Via USPS: Mason County Rural Fire Authority

Attn: Shannon Stickney

P.O. Box 152

Custer, MI  49405

Via Emailjdcpa@carrinter.net

Applications/Resumes will be accepted until 4 p.m. on Friday November 5, 2021 

This position initially will be part time and will entail thirty (30) hours per week and will be responsible for all supervisory and administrative work for the 130 part time fire fighters within the Authority including but not limited to:

  • Plan and supervise all operations of the Authority for the proper administration and efficient operation of each department
  • Help develop long term plans for improving the training function and to continually monitor the State and Federal training mandates as it affects the firefighters and officers including compliance with all State and Federal fire and medical requirements with emphasis on officer training
  • Prepares, presents, and administers the Authority budget annually and review expenditures monthly with Board budget adjustment recommendations quarterly
  • Develops reports on status of department equipment and facilities and makes recommendations for improvements, repairs, and replacement scheduling
  • Process billing invoices and equipment purchases based on department needs to ascertain that the expenditures remain within budgets with follow up recommendation
  • Prepare correspondence, records, and reports
  • Upon direction of the Board, investigates and resolves complaints of citizens and make recommendations for needed corrections
  • Works with department Chiefs to assure proper handling of severe discipline (suspension/termination) and prepares reports of action to the Board
  • Assures that all operational SOPs remain consistent across all seven departments to reduce and/or eliminate conflicts on emergency scenes      
  • Monitor all Authority SOPs and make recommendations on any amendments or new SOPs
  • Develop and manage any Authority contracts, to include mutual and automatic aid agreements
  • Seek external bids on purchases that will include, if possible, three independent bids for comparison with recommendations to the Board for approval/denial/approval with changes
  • Prepare Board meeting agendas 
  • Record and prepare Board meeting minutes
  • Attend other outside meetings as they relate to the best interest of the Authority 
  • Work closely with the Mason County Emergency Preparedness coordinator and Mason/Oceana 911 Administrator 
  • Develops firefighter recruitment and retention programs to assure adequate staffing of departments

Qualifications for employment

  • Basic knowledge and ability to plan and coordinate budgets and be able to control expenditures that are not budgeted
  • Basic knowledge of firefighting/rescue/EMS strategy is recommended based on job requirements
  • Initiative and ability to maintain discipline, display team leadership abilities and to work effectively with fire personnel.  Display strong problem-solving abilities.  
  • Knowledge of administrative and personnel management responsibilities
  • Basic computer skills with a minimum knowledge of Word and Excel
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Note: This position is expected to be an administrative capacity and not to involved hands on firefighting activities

Wage and hours expectations

This will initially be a part time position with thirty (30) hours minimum.  As this job evolves it is expected that the job requirements will mandate it becoming a full-time position.  The initial annual salary will be $30,000.  This person will report to the Board Chairman and ultimately the Board of Directors 



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