Director of Youth Ministries, Mason County Reformed Church.

Director of Youth Ministries, Mason County Reformed Church.


The Director of Youth Ministries is a full-time staff position serving the Mason County Reformed Church (MCRC), a church located near the lakeshore in northern Michigan and just east of the city of Ludington in the community of Scottville.  MCRC is affiliated with the Synod of the Great Lakes of the Reformed Church in America.  MCRC is a multi-generational and diverse congregation of approximately 320 members with a total Sunday morning attendance fluctuating seasonally between 300 and 500.

Of utmost importance, the Director of Youth Ministries (DYM) must have a growing and loving relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and a burning desire to share this relationship with the youth, their respective parents, and the community in which they live.

Although the Director of Children’s Ministries (DCM) is responsible for the nursery through 5th grade children’s program, the DYM will work closely as a team with the DCM to develop and maintain a cohesive plan and transitional model for preschool through 12th grade.  This plan and model will complement and enhance each other’s programs (GEMS and CADETS), teach Biblical principles and truths, and together help prepare our youth for maturity and leadership as Christian adults.

The DYM will, with the recommendation and support of the Youth Ministry Team (YMT*), lead in the development, coordination, oversight, evaluation, and staffing of youth ministry areas from 6th through 12th grade.  The DYM will create a safe and enjoyable environment so that youth can learn and build significant relationships in order to increase their understanding of God’s love and to encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The DYM will develop a strong volunteer staff by implementing evidence-based and effective recruiting programs, as well as providing or facilitating training, motivation, and support systems.  This will be accomplished through an emphasis on mentoring, encouragement, acceptance, and modeling Biblical principles in real-life situations.

*YMT is comprised primarily of 5-10 gifted individuals with a passion for MCRC youth.  In most cases, these individuals volunteer their time for the ministry.  There is no set term for serving.  However, one can expect some turnover on an annual basis.  The purpose of this team is to come alongside the DYM to provide input for programming, training, etc. and support the DYM in any way possible.  It is not a supervisory board.


  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the ability to articulate that relationship to youth.
  • A strong sense of calling from the Lord to do youth ministry.
  • Previous experience within church ministry, specifically in the area of youth preferred.
  • A passion for young people and personal skills to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Successful experience building teams and recruiting volunteers.
  • Leadership, creative teaching, excellent organization and communication, solid problem solving and administrative skills, and effective time management abilities.
  • A team player who can work with other staff members, adult volunteers, and parents.
  • Basic Computer Skills experience with Microsoft Word & Excel, desktop operating systems (such as Windows or Mac OS), and online email systems (such as gmail, etc.)
  • A bachelor’s degree preferred in Youth Ministries, or in a related field is preferred.
  • Be willing to become a member of the Mason County Reformed Church or RCA’s Northern Michigan Classis.


  • Nurture youth in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Facilitate regular YMT meetings and with their input, develop a calendar, select curriculum materials for youth ministry, and coordinate a budget.
  • Define, secure, train and nurture students who desire to be a part of the student leadership team and provide them with opportunities to serve.
  • The ability to be available and fully engaged in large group settings, but also aware of the unique needs of youth as individuals.
  • Maintain weekly scheduled meetings for both Middle School and High School youth.
  • Recruit, coordinate and train ministry volunteers, including youth small group leaders.
  • Communicate regularly with volunteers, youth, and parents.
  • Attend weekly church staff meetings, and coordinate ministry and facilities with other staff.
  • Schedule, organize, communicate and participate in annual mission opportunities for both High School and Middle School youth.
  • Be present and visible at weekly youth group gatherings for both High School and Middle School ministries.
  • Be available on Sunday mornings to answer questions and connect with students and parents, and attend at least one of the two Sunday morning adult worship services.
  • Encourage youth, by example, to serve at one service and attend the other in order to grow in a faith that is their own, helping them through “real-life” application to transition into adulthood.
  • Under the direction of the Pastor of Leadership and Teaching, establish ministry goals and objectives, plan and follow an appropriate budget, delegate tasks, and evaluate personal and organizational progress regularly.
  • Stay current with youth ministry practices by reading and attending youth ministry conferences.
  • Possess strong communication and teaching skills that can be effectively used in large and small group settings at both the Middle School and High School levels.
  • Work with the DCM to involve youth in Sunday morning worship and other special programs.
  • Create and provide youth with opportunities to serve, leading by example, as you mentor them in their Christian walk.
  • Maintain regular office hours and structure time in a way that balances both administrative and relational work.
  • Create a cohesive partnership between the Middle School and High School ministries.

Terms of Employment

  • This is a salary paid position based upon a minimum of 40 hours per week.  The required hours and corresponding salary will be reviewed at least annually.
  • Evaluations can be expected to be conducted at least annually, with the first year potentially involving more frequent reviews.

Compensation and Benefits

  • The salary package will include a health care cost allowance, travel allowance, social security, vacation and sick leave.
  • The amount and provisions of the salary package and vacation time will be offered and negotiated prior to the issuing of a call.  Vacation schedules are to be coordinated with the Pastor of Leadership and Teaching.  It is expected that time away will be scheduled when it has the least impact upon the yearly programming of the church.


We exist to help young people, inside and outside the church, find and follow Jesus. We strive to love each person as an image barrier of God and walk with them through their journey; pointing them to the ways of Jesus, so they may experience life in all its fullness.

Application can be downloaded here.

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