LPD sees increase in arrests in 2023, but less calls

February 14, 2024

LPD sees increase in arrests in 2023, but less calls

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief

LUDINGTON — Ludington Police Department saw a reduction in calls for service in 2023 compared to 2022. Police officers responded to 6,770 calls in 2023 and 7,052 in 2022. However, the number of responses is an increase compared to 6,740 in 2021. On Monday, Feb. 12, Chief Chris Jones presented the department’s annual report to City Council during its regular meeting.

Arrests were up compared to 2022 but significantly lower than 2021: 390 in 2023, 378 in 2022 and 437 in 2021. A total of 2,961 criminal reports were taken in 2023 compared to 3,351 in 2022 and 3,848 in 2021. Of those 2023 arrests, 179 were misdemeanor offenses, 60 were felony offenses and 151 were court related.

Included in the 6,770 calls included 16 incidents when applications of force were required in order to make a lawful arrest. This included 13 criminal incidents. The 16 incidents included 12 unarmed subjects, one when a taser was displayed and three when a taser was deployed. No firearms were used in any of the incidents. Thirteen of the subjects involved were male and three were female.

Jones said in each case of use of force a review is conducted by command staff and use of force instructors to ensure department policy was followed, whether discipline was warranted, training was required or if any equipment issues occurred. None of the 16 incidences violated the department’s use of force policy, Jones said adding that none of the incidences revealed a deficiency in training, however, the department will be emphasizing control tactics and de-escalation training in 2024.

Jones pointed out that of the 356 criminal arrests in 2023 only 16 required the use of force, 4 percent.

Other notable statistics reported by Jones included traffic citations: In 2023, the department issued 599 traffic citations compared to 653 in 2022 and 623 in 2021. It issued 520 parking citations in 2023, 554 in 2022 and 346 in 2021.

The year also saw the retirement of Capt. Steve Wietrzkowski after serving with LPD since 1995 and the resulting promotion of Sgt. Mike Haveman to the captain position.


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