Scottville Update, posted Dec. 5, 2023

December 5, 2023

Looking north in the 100 and 200 blocks of South Main Street.

Scottville Update, posted Dec. 5, 2023

By Jimmy Newkirk, Scottville City Manager

The Dollar General Market is in the final stages of construction, and I’ve been told they will be open by Christmas. I’ve also heard many outside the community speak poorly about DG, but a Dollar General Market is different. I visited a few weeks ago and was amazed at the offerings of fresh meat, vegetables, and how many more items were on the shelves. This will fill a need in our community for those that can’t get to those larger stores and generally have lower prices. Once open, I encourage all Scottville residents to at least visit and see what they have to offer. Our citizens have been asking for a market for years and DG has filled that gap when others haven’t. While there is a market nearby, it is not safely accessible by pedestrians, including children. Plus, it is not in the city limits of Scottville.

Work is being done to the former Schoenberger building.

We’re in the small detail planning stages of an $8.7 million water main replacement project. If you hadn’t heard, Scottville was able to secure an $8.7 million grant with no match required. (Read more here). This is the equivalent of over $6,600 per resident of work that will be done at no direct cost to the city and residents. While the grant will offer huge savings in future maintenance and repair activities it does not do anything for the actual purchase of water. Unfortunately, the City of Ludington continues to raise the cost of water to cover its costs and maintenance expenses. This is the result of several decades of keeping low water rates there and not compensating for higher costs. Water rates will be a topic of discussion at upcoming City Commission meetings.

We have welcomed our new rental, zoning, and building inspector Steve Spangler into City Hall. He has many years of experience in the building trades and previously owned his own construction and excavation company. He is an employee of SAFEBuilt but has a space here in City Hall and is ready to help with any questions you may have. SAFEBuilt  is contracted with the city to provide those services.

We are also restarting the rental inspection programs in Scottville and priority will be on safety with the first round of inspections. There have not been inspections in a long time, and some have never been inspected. Recently rentals in the city have reported electrical fires, insect infestations, and we have already taken many complaints about conditions in some locations. As a community we can and should do better. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Spangler.

Scottville will be getting a new police officer the beginning of the new year. Steve Wietrzykowski, (yes, a second Steve) will be joining the Scottville Police Department after more than 25 years as a police officer with the City of Ludington, most recently serving as captain, second in command. He will be a great addition to Sgt. Katrina Skinner and the community. Keep an eye out for him in the coming weeks and be sure to stop and say “Hi”.

Work continues at several buildings downtown as investment and new businesses are headed our way. The Hempire Collective dispensary, 130 S. Main St., is making interior and exterior improvements and continues to make progress toward being the first dispensary in Mason County. Another ambitious group also has a development underway for a child day care center. Add these improvements to the six new homes currently under construction, five other homeowners actively making significant improvements, and a very strong real estate market. As of this writing all homes in Scottville that are listed for sale either have sold or are showing contingent.

Renovations are occurring upstairs at Scholtens Plumbing, 142 S. Main St., and turning what was once storage space into apartments. Plans are still in development, but work is being done on the former Holden’s Emporium/Schoenberger’s Market, laundromat, and feed mill buildings. State and Main Coffee is busy behind the scenes and getting ready for an interior remodel over this winter with plans to open by summer. North Main Salon has been busy and is a great addition that recently opening across from Wesco.

Progress is happening. If you would like to be part of the growth and development, there is a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Contact City Hall if you are interested.