PM Township resident endorses Iteen for treasurer

October 19, 2023

PM Township resident endorses Iteen for treasurer

Dear Editor:
The issues at Pere Marquette Township remain the same as when the voters were asked to sign petitions for a recall of the supervisor and treasurer.  Recently the supervisor chose to resign, which takes him out of the recall race.  That leaves the treasurer still running to remain in office.  This cannot happen.
The treasurer was a central figure in the events that led to the beginning of the recall process.  To this day, there has been no explanation as to why there was a $20,000 billing error and what was done to correct it.  This is the same person who threatened residents with cease-and-desist letters and thought it was OK to attempt a recall against a fellow officer and a board trustee.  Stop and think about what working conditions must be like at the township offices on a daily basis.  How can residents allow someone who exhibits this type of behavior hold an office in Pere Marquette Township?
The good news is that Pere Marquette Township residents have an excellent choice to replace our current treasurer.  Sarah Iteen is an outstanding candidate who has the skills to run the treasurer’s office going forward.  I will be happily voting for Sarah in the November 7 election and encourage all Pere Marquette Township residents to do the same.
Rick Deering
Pere Marquette Township


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