Former PM treasurer supports Iteen

October 13, 2023

Former PM treasurer supports Iteen

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Dear Editor,

On November 7, 2023, the voters of Pere Marquette Charter Township will be voting in a special recall election. The special election ballot has two individuals names printed as the subject of this recall. Gerald Bleau, township supervisor and Karie Bleau, township treasurer. Gerald Bleau, has announced his resignation from that office effective on October 1, 2023; therefore, there will no longer be a contested election to replace the vacant office of township supervisor. Since ballots were printed prior to the announcement of the resignation, the choices for supervisor are no longer valid and the vacancy will be filled by the township board in accordance with the state’s Bureau of Elections.

The recall of Karie Bleau from the office of Pere Marquette Township treasurer is on the ballot. The petition, signed by 475 Township voters, stated that she has demonstrated her inability to accurately administer water and sewer billing accounts and refused to rectify her costly errors. The petition was approved by the Mason County Election Commission.

Moreover, Karie Bleau’s shortcomings as treasurer resulted in the severing of a 23-year relationship the township had with its auditor. Readers may remember that it was that event that brought the sad state of affairs in the township to light months after Ms. Bleau was made aware of the billing errors. To make matters worse, Mr Bleau, her husband, as supervisor, and Ms. Bleau resisted having the former auditor speak with the board regarding the billing error and other issues he had with the treasurer.
The election of Sarah Iteen to this important office as treasurer will aid in restoring our confidence in this position. Sarah has the background, ability, and personality to serve as treasurer having demonstrated these qualities at Safe Harbor Credit Union the last 13 years.

I was elected and served over 43 years as the township’s treasurer, fulfilling all the duties, besides the statutory duties, attached to this office so it’s with that experience that I give without qualification my support to Sarah Iteen as treasurer of Pere Marquette Charter Township. Please cast your vote for Sarah Iteen on November 7.

Constance Andersen
Pere Marquette Township

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