Coach Krieger endorses MCC bond proposals

October 13, 2023

Coach Krieger endorses MCC bond proposals

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Dear Editor,

Since 1966 I have been involved with the Mason County Central School District.  During that time I taught for 35 years in Room C-4.  Other areas of the High School have been worked on but not Room C-4

Does Room C-4 need work?  Definitely.  It would be a part of the upgrades to the High School when Proposal 1 passes.  The entrance would be upgraded and made more secure, mechanical improvements made to electrical and plumbing.  Some flooring, windows, and ceilings would be replaced and educational technology updated.

Proposal 2 is for an auditorium which would provide improved space for fine arts performances and community events.  It would be a great thing for the communityI.. I would urge you to vote yes on both proposals, after all they are your buildings.


Bruce Krieger

Retired teacher, coach


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