Road Commission recognized for low employee injury rates

October 2, 2023

Mason County Road Commission Manager Mary Samuels, right, accepts the award.

Road Commission recognized for low employee injury rates

MANISTEE — The Mason County Road Commission was recognized for having one of the lowest employee injury rates among road commissions in the state this past year. The announcement was made at the County Road Association Self-Insurance Fund’s (CRASIF) Annual Membership Meeting in Manistee held on September 13, 2023.

Every year at least one person is either killed or seriously injured in this industry,” said Jim deSpelder, CRASIF administrator. CRASIF provides safety training and workers’ compensation coverage for road commissions. “Seventy-five percent of the roads in the state are maintained by road commission employees. We remind the workers that they come within a foot of death many times during the day when working in traffic. Despite the best safety practices, road commission employees often are victims of speeding or distracted drivers or irritable motorists when trying to repair the roadways.”

Tom Doty, chairperson of CRASIF’s Board of Trustees and a commissioner at the Mackinac County Road Commission, stated, “CRASIF’s Honor Roll recognizes member road commissions which make safety an integral part of their culture. Emphasizing safe operations and managing the risks of injury is a never-ending challenge. With all the new construction and repairs this year our employees are at even greater risk of harm while just trying to do their jobs.”

“Road commissions that have lower than average injury rates qualify to be on our Honor Roll,” commented Jim deSpelder. “They should be publicly acknowledged for their achievement. Low injury rates benefit the employee, the taxpayer, and the road commission. It is a win-win-win situation.”

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