Two local healthcare offices now offering laser treatment

July 19, 2023

Two local healthcare offices now offering laser treatment

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief

There is a new option to treat patients who suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from injuries. Two local healthcare providers are now offering laser treatment. Squires Chiropractic, located on US 10 in Amber Township, just west of Scottville, and West Michigan Foot and Ankle, located on North Jebavy Drive in Pere Marquette Township, each now own a MLS laser, which is able to treat pain and injuries with minimal, or non-existent, side effects. 

Dr. Weston Squires owns Squires Chiropractic while his wife, Dr. Alexus Squires, owns West Michigan Foot and Ankle. 

“Up until now, patients from our area would have to travel to a city like Grand Rapids to receive this type of treatment,” Weston Squires said. “We are very excited to bring this quality of care to our rural area. Each of our offices has a laser.”

Weston Squires said patients at his chiropractic office are already seeing results. 

“The majority of the patients who benefit from this type of treatment are those who have arthritis, sports injuries and inflammation,” Squires said. “Some of the specific areas that we can often treat include knees, hips, spinal conditions and neuropathy. This laser is able to rid the body of inflammation and decrease pain without the need for injections.”

Squires said unlike some lasers, these particular lasers do not admit heat. 

“The patient doesn’t feel anything,” Squires said. “This uses a multi-save system that is able to penetrate deep into the cellular level. This equipment is often used by orthopedic specialists or surgeons.”

Squires said the results are not instant and require a therapy plan. 

“Typically, we will start seeing results by the third visit. By the sixth visit there is a physiological change.” 

Podiatric patients are being treated for wound healing along with pain in their feet and ankles. 

“While we certainly knew these lasers were effective, neither Alexus nor I expected such rapid results as we have seen so far,” Weston Squires said.

Both doctors Squires encourage patients who would like to learn more to schedule a consultation. 

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