Scottville honors its Clown Band

June 28, 2023

Mayor Marcy Spencer presents a proclamation to Scottville Clown Band President Herb Early.

Scottville honors its Clown Band

SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville Clown Band received a salute from the City of Scottville during the band’s annual Patriotic Concert Tuesday evening. Mayor Marcy Spencer read a proclamation from the city honoring the band on its 120th anniversary. The band’s roots date back to 1903. The Patriotic Concert is traditionally held on the Tuesday before Independence Day.

Proclamation Honoring The Scottville Clown Band’s 120 Years 

Resolution 23-09

Whereas, the Scottville City Commission, on behalf of the citizens of the City of Scottville would like to honor the Scottville Clown Band for bringing joy, smiles, and music to our community for 120 years. 

Whereas, the Scottville Clown Band’s roots date back to 1903 with the formation of the Scottville Merchants’ Band, with the band members dressing as hobos and performing at local celebrations. The band continued to grow and perform more frequently into the 1930s but was discontinued following the 1941 Scottville Home Harvest Festival due to World War II. 

Whereas, the band was re-formed in 1947 by Raymond Schulte, a Scottville businessman, and second generation band member, and was officially named the Scottville Clown Band. The band has since performed consecutively since and has continued to grow. 

Whereas, the Scottville Clown Band, a non-profit organization, promotes performing arts education among children. Since 1962, the Band has awarded over half million dollars in scholarships to middle school and high school students to attend summer music camps. Additionally, the band provides grants to local school band programs. 

Whereas, the Scottville Clown Band, has performed in over 120 towns throughout Michigan and the Midwest and its members serve as ambassadors of the City of Scottville. 

Let it be resolved that we, the citizens of the City of Scottville thank the Scottville Clown Band for being an invaluable part of our community and for helping to promote our town. 


Honorable Marcy Spencer

Mayor of Scottville

Approved by unanimous vote of the Scottville City Commission, June 12, 2023.

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