Obituary: Marian Riffle, 86, of Ludington

May 24, 2023

Marian Riffle

Obituary: Marian Riffle, 86, of Ludington

Dearest Marian Riffle,

Every smile line on your face
was in perfect place from joyous memories.

You are cherished by five children.
They remember the days when you made football plays and granny shots
in the front yard of the family farmhouse.

They remember the special treats of glazed donuts and vanilla ice cream, made from scratch and
sweetened by your love.
Days of canning peaches, snipping green beans, baling hay and swimming
your humor and belly laugh painted the summer days.

Bowed heads after Sunday morning service,
Dad said Grace after you flawlessly placed silver and plates around the mahogany table.

In ‘79 you held Bud’s hand through every hour in the hospital.
With scripture, hymns, and a spirit for God, you comforted your dear one
as Bud journeyed Home.

Transitioning from devoted housewife to head of household,
you continued driving school bus to support your children.
Through loss and change, you always remembered Jesus’ name.

You are held close by your grandchildren.
There were sleepovers, movies and board games.
There were golden beach days.
“You kids, don’t splash my perm,” you admonished
smiling as droplets adorned your curls.

Your distinct voice cheered at football, softball, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, tennis, diving and plays,
Family Christmas dinners with your special kugelis and services in candle light as we sang Silent Night.

Your left hook, curving just right as the pins fell, making a strike.
Traveling with your bowling crew, we laughed over stories
of those trips you took with your lady dream team.

Friendship over pinochle, you had a full heart for the game.
Lying out quick cards: – ace, king, queen, ten and jack,
you had a perfect flush laid flat.

Talking philosophy and literature, at 52 you earned every bit of your associate degree.
Graduating from West Shore, you walked the stage and turned a page of learning.

Turning 80, we flew you to Fenway.
5-6 the game was fixed when your “birthday boy,”
Bogaerts, slammed a two run homer against those Yankees.
No better way to end a game. The perfect day.

“Angel lady,” you were endeared.
Healing hearts and wiping tears as you cared for the dying.
Fifteen years as a Hospice home health aid, you helped many on their journey to heaven.

Marian Elizabeth Boyer Riffle, 1936-2023,
may you polka in the arms of your Lord, joining those who left before:
your parents Clara Poole Boyer and Louis Boyer,
husband HB “Bud” Riffle, brother William Boyer,
grandson Brian Riffle and your German Shepherd Timmy.

May you be restored in perfect love, resting happily for all eternity.
We carry you with us Marian,
every footprint bears the remembrance of your dear heart.

We love you.
Your children (Marvin Riffle, David Riffle, Terry Riffle, Nancy Stuart, Penny Quillan)
your siblings, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. 

A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at noon at United Methodist Church of Ludington. Visitation begins at 11 a.m. at the church. 

Arrangements were entrusted to Oak Grove Funeral Home of Ludington, 

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