Wayne heads back north

March 27, 2023

Wayne heads back north

By Wayne Dewyer

Self-proclaimed “professional beach bum” Wayne Dewyer of Ludington is on his next adventure. He started with a 17-foot motorboat last fall, which he drove from Ludington to Panama City, Florida. After a short stint on a pontoon boat, he upgraded to a 29-foot boat. Now, he is heading back north by land with a $500 van. From time to time, Wayne has been updating the readers of MCP about his journey. You can also follow him by subscribing to his YouTube channel, The Wayne Diaries here. 

Well hello everyone and welcome back to the life and times of a professional beach bum. Life has been good to me so far out here in the Land of the Floridians. I hope you enjoyed the last entry of my scooter trip to Key West on a 50 cc Yamaha scooter it was epic, yet I would not advise that to be done again. We did around 800 miles and the traffic was very hectic and I was pulled over by the Key West police at seven mile bridge. I was not issued a ticket mind you. I was just asked to be careful and please stay in the center of the road and don’t ride the shoulder. “Yes sir,” I responded to the nice police officer.

Well I’m now in northern Florida and it is time to make my trip north to Michigan to find summer work. I have to build up my funds and get my thoughts in place for another adventure come the end of the summer of 2023. I have purchased a mini van for, believe-it-or-not, $550,  from a young girl that just was planning to scrap it. I checked it out and looked it over with careful eyes took it for a little ride and realized I could fix some of the things needed myself and attempt to drive it back to Ludington and use it for the summer, or so I thought.

So after a month and a little money I had the van running as good as I think it can run, and put together what money I had left to start my trek back to the home front. I must say after looking at the temperatures in Ludington for the next few weeks they were not very appealing to me being I had just spend my winter in 75-degree crystal clear water and an air temperature of 80 degrees every day with sunshine. Be that as it may I had to come back home and start making money for future endeavors. I also must say after seven months away from my slice of paradise in Ludington I become home sick and miss my people and little town. I know that the weather at this point will just continue to get better each and every day from here on out..

So I turn the key to this cheap marvel of transportation I purchased for almost nothing and I start heading north. I have fixed the inside of the van up so I can stay in it like a small camper van. I have removed all the seats in the back and have put down a small cabinet and a nice foam mattress to sleep on with a small cook stove I used on my boat traveling down the river last fall. My needs are met with a place to sleep, cook and relax some. I plan to take my time heading back stopping every 200 miles or so and just move slow and steady making it back in six days or so. I know once I enter the Michigan border with it’s pure Michigan sign I will get that shot of adrenaline which will propel me to quickly get home. There is something sweet and sour coming back, on one hand I love being home for awhile, yet on the other hand I feel sad to end a beautiful adventure, but I know I will have another one brewing on the horizon.

I hope you like these little stories of my adventures and if like to see more on my trips go to the YouTube channel and watch the video version, its more visual and will provide you with more insight to my trips. The place to go is thewaynediaries/youtube.com

I will post a follow up when I make it back safe and sound to Ludington. As always people never stop dreaming and live each day to the fullest we are all in this together Bod Bless, Peace and be all you can be. Words from The Professional Beach Bum, AKA, Wayne Dewyer. 

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