MCP/OCP to close app

January 26, 2023

MCP/OCP to close app

Dear MCP and OCP readers:

In 2017 we launched a free app to allow readers to an alternative way to access our stories. The app gained a lot of traction for the first couple of years. However, we have noticed that most of our readers tend to access our sites either directly or through our social media pages. In addition, the app host has continually increased its rates.

Many of our readers also “subscribe” to our sites (for free), which allows them to receive emails of our posts. You may do this by filling out the form on the bottom right of each of our sites.

For those who use the app, we apologize for this change and encourage you to subscribe if you already do not. I would be happy to help answer questions. Please feel free to email me at


Rob Alway


Area Churches

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