United Way closer to 2023 campaign goal

January 4, 2023

United Way closer to 2023 campaign goal

LUDINGTON — United Way of Mason County is closer to its 2023 campaign goal as a result of workplace campaigns from Metalworks, West Shore Community College and West Michigan Community Mental Health.

“We are so grateful to Metalworks and other workplace campaigns,” said Lynne Russell, Executive Director of United Way of Mason County.

“Metalworks is our highest workplace campaign for several years running thanks to payroll deductions from their employees, as well as special events that they hold to raise money. On top of that, Metalworks will generously match employee donations and special events totals dollar for dollar,” 

Metalworks raised a total of $37,629.38, out-raising the previous year’s campaign. The funds raised, along with other workplace campaigns and donations directly from the community, support programs such as the Lakeshore Employer Resource Network and Mason County Family Link, along with providing grants to local organizations that request funds such as the Lakeshore Food Club, Habitat from Humanity and COVE. Organizations apply yearly for the funds and dollars are allocated based on the success of the campaign.

The Lakeshore Employer Resource Network is run in participating local companies and assists employees in removing barriers that may prevent an employee from being successful in the workplace. Mason County Family Link helps students and their families in local participating school districts to be successful in school. This program also provides behavioral health counseling at Ludington Area School District.

West Shore Community College raised a total of $2,649 and West Michigan Community Mental Health raised $4,774.

 “We appreciate the hard work that goes into running the workplace campaigns, as well as the donations and payroll deductions from individual employees – we can’t thank everyone enough for support what we do in the community,” said Russell.

“Any gift helps further United Way of Mason County’s impact in the community, whether it is large or small, and 98% of everything given stays right here in Mason County,” Russell said.

For information on how to give to United Way of Mason County’s 2022/2023 Campaign, please visit its website at http://www.masoncountyuw.org/give and follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/unitedwayofmasoncountymichigan.