Mason County residents asked to confirm high-speed internet map accuracy

December 19, 2022

Mason County residents asked to confirm high-speed internet map accuracy

The Mason County Board of Commissioners is encouraging Mason County residents to confirm their access to high-speed internet.

The Connect Mason County citizens group determined that past FCC maps overstated internet availability in Mason County by up to 20%.   

In November, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a new map of broadband service for the nation.  Unlike previous maps, this new data collection provides information at the address level.  For the first time, the FCC is accepting challenges to the data shown on the maps, and encourages consumers, communities, and others to examine the map’s accuracy. 

These maps dictate which areas are eligible for future grant funding, enhancing the critical nature of this opportunity to verify accuracy.

“It is critical that everyone access the FCC maps and submit a challenge to the FCC if they feel the maps do not accurately reflect their internet level of service,” said Mason County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Janet Anderson. “We encourage the public to go to our website at to scan the QR code that provides a link to the map.”

The Michigan High-Speed Internet Office is working to identify discrepancies state-wide, however the Board of Commissioners is suggesting residents take the initiative to ensure their data is correct. It is critical that challenges to the FCC map be filed by January 13, 2023. Having an accurate federal map will ensure that Michigan receives its equitable share of funding through the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program to invest in achieving universal broadband availability for the state.

The map can be accessed here:

Mason County is working with local and regional partners to coordinate broadband planning through facilitated information sharing and coordination of outreach efforts. Additional resources and up-to-date information for this region are available at

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