A new boat for the Bum

December 4, 2022

A new boat for the Bum

By Wayne Dewyer

Self-proclaimed “professional beach bum” Wayne Dewyer of Ludington is currently trekking his way to the Florida Keys in a 17-foot motorboat. From time to time, Wayne will update the readers of MCP about his journey. You can also follow him by subscribing to his YouTube channel, The Wayne Diaries here. 

Hello everyone from the Professional Beach Bum, aka The Wayne Diaries.  The trip is going well and I’m in Panama City, Florida now doing some repairs on things and getting switched over to another boat. It’s been crazy, I have to say, some 2,000 miles on this little old 17-foot ski boat. After some three months living on this boat I was able to score a pontoon boat for free, and will be moving on to that to give me a little more room and the ability to build a more enclosed structure on this for living in Key West for the winter fishing and working. 

I have been approached by some to do the entire loop as I have already done half of it. I will pose the question to you the readers: should I go up the east coast and finish this trip in the spring back to Ludington: Yes or No?

I have seen over 200 dolphins now on the water and it never gets old seeing them. They are the puppy dogs of the ocean, curious and playful. I don’t think everyone knows that when they are first born they are black and have fur like skin for the first few weeks. Manatees are another great creature that I love seeing on the water and I snorkel with them every winter in Crystal River as they are very congregated there in the fresh spring water. 

I have been fishing a lot and will continue to fish and catch crabs, oysters, lobsters and scallops. The ocean can provide so much variety in food for oneself.

I’m excited to reach Key West soon, so as to be able to start working some and fishing, which I love to do. The only problem with these trips is money always runs out at some point in time and one needs to replenish the adventure travel kitty from time to time. I hope you have been following the trip on my YouTube adventure series The Wayne Diaries here you can watch the series on video and follow along with me and comment and send a tip in the tip jar for fuel and food if you wish..

The trip has been a true love hate type thing as it’s not always easy but it sure is an adventure and a challenge to oneself . Stay tuned for more excitement and adventure on this series as we work on this old pontoon boat fixing it up as we travel and explore with it. May the wind be at your back and the sunshine on your face from the Professional Beach Bum. 

Peace and love to you all. 

Wayne Dewyer

The Wayne Diaries

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