Mental Health Matters: A Thankful November

November 8, 2022

Mental Health Matters: A Thankful November

By Cindy Boerema, West Michigan Community Mental Health

November is the month that we reminisce on what we are thankful for in our lives. I am thankful that my son, Erik, 43, who has Down Syndrome has been able to be involved in Dimensions Unlimited program for 17 years. It is run through West Michigan Mental Health System and is for those in our community with Developmental Disabilities. 

Erik’s life has been enriched because of the opportunities he has been given and the staff that show professionalism and caring attitudes for all the consumers. Erik attends two days per week. He earns a paycheck by shredding papers. He also eats lunch and socializes with his friends while there. He receives physical activity and enjoyment by bowling with his group from D.U. 

Erik and other consumers attended a Halloween party recently that the staff put together. The consumers were able to wear their costumes, enjoy games/pizza and just hanging out together. When I picked Erik up from the party, he said ” I had real, real fun” I appreciate the precautions that were taken by WMCMHS for staff and consumers throughout covid times. 

When I drop Erik off at Dimensions, I feel assured that he is in a safe environment with staff that will provide guidance for him to live his best quality life. 

West Michigan CMH is committed to providing the care necessary to improve the lives of children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-992-2061.

Cindy Boerema is a member of the Consumer Advisory Panel at West Michigan Community Mental Health. She serves as an advocate for those living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

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