Obituary: Jim Arrington, 85, of Ludington

October 10, 2022

Jim and Linda Arrington

Obituary: Jim Arrington, 85, of Ludington

April 9, 1937 to Oct. 9, 2022

Charming, funny, quick-witted, and kind. If you knew Jim Arrington you knew a kind soul, a helpful neighbor, a loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He was a man that could fix anything. He loved to build projects in his garage, crafting chairs, shelves, tables, or whatever else Grandma would order up. Always working away with a whistle on his lips and country music on the radio.

But he was also skilled at crafting a phrase, such as when he’d take a bite of dessert and declare, “that’s so good you’ll have to cross your legs to swallow.” But if not, it would certainly “put hair on your chest”. And whenever he left a room, he was always “off like a herd of turtles!” 

Some of his favorites came from teasing with his grandson, Wesley, accusing each other of “playing with barbie dolls” or that “Wesley has a girlfriend”. They had a special relationship and Wesley would often pick up on some of Grandpa’s phrases and sense of humor. I recall one time Grandma had bent over while wearing a loosely fitted blouse and Wesley chimed, “Hey gramma, I can see your hooters!” It wasn’t always appropriate, but that was part of his charm. 

Grandpa, we miss you. We love you. The memories we’ve shared will continue to put a smile on our faces for years to come.

We hope you lived a life so good you had to cross your legs to swallow. 

And we hope you’re back together with Grandma. 

And her hooters.

Arrangements have been entrusted to Oak Grove Funeral Home of Ludington, 

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