Request for Proposals: Process Server, Mason County Treasurer’s Office.

August 15, 2022

Request for Proposals: Process Server, Mason County Treasurer’s Office.

This is a paid posting, paid for by County of Mason. 


The Mason County Treasurer’s Office is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide personal service of process in connection with the foreclosure of delinquent real property taxes as required by MCL 211.78 (i) of Public Act 206 of 1893 (“General Property Tax Act”).  The Mason County Treasurer’s Office does approximately 150-300 services per year between September and November. This amount varies with no guarantee regarding a minimum or maximum volume.  Personal service shall be conducted for services within Mason County.

Scope of Services 

Interested vendors shall be fully aware of the applicable statutory, case law and legal obligations governing the service and/or execution of all services as provided in this RFP.

Vendor will be provided with all printed materials in connection with servicing, including but not limited to notice, inserts, and clear plastic bags, and tablets with the applicable software. Formats and data will be provided by the Mason County Treasurer’s Office.

The Treasurer’s Office will provide a list of parcels and the persons to be served. 

Service shall be made as soon as reasonably practical after data is received.

The process server shall make a personal visit to the identified property. Post the service packet in a clear plastic bag in a conspicuous manner on the property and take an identifying photograph.

  1. The process server shall determine if it is occupied.  If occupied, conduct the following:
    1. Attempt to serve a notice showing the dates of the Administrative Show Cause and Foreclosure Hearings.
    2. Attempt to identify the person they are speaking to and their connection with the property and note it on the Parcel Service Tracker App.
    3. Orally inform the person of the foreclosure, the hearing dates, newspaper notice, monthly interest and the fact that they may have to vacate the property if the taxes, interest, penalties, and fees are not paid in full.
    4. Attempt to verify that the person they are speaking with is capable of understanding the advice given.  That the person is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for any other reason is incapable of understanding. If the server feels that the person is not capable of understanding, she/he shall boldly note this information on the comments section of the Parcel Service Tracker App and the reason.
  2. If the property is determined to be unoccupied, service shall remain posted on the property.

An Affidavit of Personal Service/Vacant Services shall be provided to the Mason County Treasurer’s Office.  Each affidavit shall include the signature of the process server, property address, date, time, type of service and confirmation of the statutory verbal requirements. 

A return for each non-service will be required to show the name of the person to be served, the date(s) of the service, and a short explanation of the reason for non-service.

Fees for services are added to parcels.  Once service(s) is completed, an electronic file must be given to the Mason County Treasurer’s Office via the Parcel Service Tracker App including but not limited to: parcel number, type of service, person served, address served and service date.  

Each service will be a standard fee and should include mileage and all other costs associated with the service.

The Mason County Treasurer’s Office will provide the vendor daily canceled service information.  The vendor will cancel the requested services on each parcel without charge to the Mason County Treasurer’s Office if a service is canceled before performance of service has begun.

Vendors Responses:

Vendors are to build their proposals in format that is an answer to the following numbered statements.  Vendors must number their responses corresponding to the statements below:  

  1. Provide information on your firm’s capacity to complete services within the expected time frame.  What guarantee(s) can you make that Mason County will be your service priority during the expected service time frame?
  2. Provide a copy of insurance in accordance with the County of Mason Insurance Requirements attached to this RFP.
  3. Pricing structure for the following:
    1. Single service per parcel.
  4. Other services provided by your firm available to the Treasurer’s Office with cost.
  5. Provide an Example Invoice

Vendors must provide one (1) original RFP response.

Right to Request Additional Information – The County reserves the right to request any additional information that might be deemed necessary after the submission of proposals.  This includes both written information and face to face interviews.  The information obtained through additional questions or interviews will be used as material to be evaluated in the same manner that the original RFP submission will be evaluated.

County of Mason Insurance Requirements:

Professional Services Contracts Requirements: Professional Liability Coverage (Errors and Omissions) is required for all contracts for professional services such as architect, engineer, design firm or similar professions, and medical professions, etc. Limits of Liability for General Liability, and Vehicle Liability shall be within the following guidelines based on contract amounts:

 • Projects up to $750,000: Minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate. 

• Projects $750,001 to $1,750,000: Minimum of $2,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate. 

• Projects $1,750,001 to $2,750,000: Minimum of $3,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate. 

• The required amounts continue to escalate by adding $1,000,000 to the beginning and ending project range and to the minimum insurance requirement. 

• A Waiver of Subrogation is required on the certificate of liability insurance. 

• The certificate of liability insurance is required to have a 30-day notice of cancellation. 

Liability limits over $1,000,000 per occurrence may be obtained by using an Excess Liability (Umbrella) policy in addition to the primary policies)

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