Locally-written book serves as spiritual guide for mothers with children in the military.

June 7, 2022

Locally-written book serves as spiritual guide for mothers with children in the military.

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By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief

When Sherry Motcheck found herself a mother of two young men who had chosen to join the military — her only two children — she sought the guidance of her faith to guide her through the anxieties and struggles she faced. One of Sherry’s methods of prayer and meditation was to journal her thoughts and experiences. The result of the journaling is a book she recently published, “Remember the Lilies”, a book written for moms with children serving in the military. 

“When I found myself a mother of two sons who both joined the military, I was completely overwhelmed and under-supported,” Sherry says. “I started looking for resources to get me through this. Not only did I have two boys in the military but my husband, Mike, and I found ourselves to be empty nesters as well. There was a very real possibility of our children coming back in a flag-draped coffin. I began to journal my experiences and thoughts which gave me the idea of creating a 30 day devotional. Those devotionals turned into chapters instead of devotionals and then they turned into a book.”

Sherry says the pandemic offered her time to reflect on the direction of the project. “I felt God was confirming through people I spoke with that this was just bigger than me. I started to pray on it and put pen to paper.” 

Sherry and Mike own MJM Plumbing in Shelby. Sherry, a 1991 graduate of Ludington High School, is the associate pastor of Prayer & Praise Assembly of God in Ludington. Their sons Adam and Matthew are graduates of Shelby High School. Adam graduated in 2011 and went to college. He then decided to join the Navy and served four years, working in aviation electronics. He spent most of his enlistment stationed in Japan. Matthew graduated in 2014 and enlisted in the Army. He continues to serve as an explosive ordnance technician, stationed in Florida. 

“Remember the Lilies” is a 12 chapter, 212 page book that serves as a guide for mothers of children in the military. However, the book could easily be translated to appeal to all mothers who are coping with their children leaving their homes. 

Sherry received her inspiration for the title in the New King James Version of the Bible’s Book of Matthew, chapter 6, verses 28-30: “So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

“God was showing me that no matter what career choice your children make, you are already prepared to be a mother to that adult child in their career. I was already equipped to be that mother. You need to kill the worry that moms have and trust that God is placing them in their ordained step, which is the safest place to be.” 

Sherry says the book is completely God-inspired. “I’ve never considered myself a writer at all. I’m terrible at it,” Sherry laughs. “I am so thankful to my friend, Margaret Wrasse, who took my thoughts and put them into something readable. However, she gave me the freedom to let me convey those thoughts in the way I speak.” Wrasse taught English and composition at West Shore Community College for several years. 

Sherry says she is also thankful to Adam and Matthew for their support of the book. “They allowed me to share some intimate letters in the book, particularly their letters from boot camp. They have been very supportive of this project.” 

Sherry says she has spoken to several groups about the book and is thinking about creating a workbook to accompany it. 

“Remember the Lilies” is currently available at www.sherrymotcheck.com or on www.amazon.com. 

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