WSCC Police Academy holds seminars.

March 15, 2022

WSCC Police Academy holds seminars

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FREE SOIL TOWNSHIP — On Friday, March 11, West Shore Community College’s 42nd Police Academy held its first Women and Men’s Seminars.

The seminars were conducted with the goal of filling the gaps of academy curriculum surrounding the typical interview process, benefits, and soft skill expectations.  Female recruits were paired with recent graduates and veteran officers to discuss police culture, comradery, strength of a female officer, and physical and emotional fitness. A similar seminar and discussions were held with male recruits in a separate session.  Both seminars reviewed a list of items that often come up with new officers when they start their careers, including a field training program and navigating professional opportunities.

“I was introduced to this program at the Mid-Michigan Police Academy last year and they have had a resounding success for a couple years,” stated Director of Criminal Justice James Taylor.  “This is an addition to the academy that allows recruits an opportunity ask questions about several topics that are not covered in the standard curriculum.”

WSCC’s Law Enforcement Academy is 16 weeks long and there are over 30 instructors who assist with the academy.  Those interested in learning more about the academy can visit or contact Director Taylor at